Scott Shimko – Alternative Delivery & Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission Service Leader

Sometimes highway and bridge contractors have a clear, straight-forward end result for their project. Other times, however, circumstances can complicate that vision and require “outside the box” thinking in order to complete the project.

That is where Borton-Lawson’s Alternative Delivery Service Leader Scott Shimko and his team can come in with an unconventional solution. Within the service line, Borton-Lawson provides a variety of construction support services, which include alternate bridge designs and Design-Build projects.

“Alternative design projects allow us to work directly with the client to ensure the best design, yet most cost-effective solution, is provided,” he said. “I really enjoy working with the talented members of our team to provide unique solutions to challenging tasks presented by our clients.”

Mr. Shimko also serves as the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission Service Leader, where he manages Borton-Lawson’s work with the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission. In his role, Mr. Shimko oversees operations and sales including business development, client management, and strategic planning.

“Client satisfaction presents the most opportunity across both service offerings I oversee,” Shimko said. “Providing a strict focus on our clients’ needs is the best way to gain their confidence and to put ourselves in the best position for future opportunities with them.”

Mr. Shimko began his Borton-Lawson career in May 2005 as a Highway Designer and has since progressed along from a Highway Engineer, to a Project Manager, and eventually into his current role.