Lee Borthwick – Energy Services Service Leader

Lee Borthwick enjoys the challenge of his position as Energy Services Service Leader at Borton-Lawson.

“I really enjoy the competitive aspects of consulting in an environment that provides solutions as a product,” Mr. Borthwick said. “Being able to identify opportunities, and develop solutions that are better than our competitors is exciting.”

Mr. Borthwick manages the civil and technical teams in the Energy Services Service Center. He and his staff work together to complete numerous projects within the service center’s four subsectors – oil and gas exploration and production, midstream, gas utilities, and electric utilities. His daily tasks consist of business development, proposal preparation, client management, strategic planning, and operational tracking and reporting.

Constant communication throughout the Energy Services Service Center allows him to be able to work closely with individual clients and stay up to date on industry trends and highly technical subject matters.

“I always have to be on top of the latest intricacies of current policy, design approaches, technology advancements and permitting requirements. This is critical for internal production, mentoring, and also for the marketing of our services.”

The mission of Borton-Lawson’s Energy Service team is to environmentally responsible engineering solutions, with specific focus on efficiency, constructability, and schedule. Lee and his team strive to provide the best solutions and quality service to every client while assisting in maximizing our available natural resources.