Paul Clemens – Mechanical Designer

Borton-Lawson’s Pittsburgh office continues to see consistent growth and a steady workload with strategic clients in the oil and gas industry.

Paul Clemens has been part of that growth and success since joining the firm in March 2014.

“Working in the growing Pittsburgh office is a great opportunity for me,” he said. “I enjoy working with the people here. We have a solid team that works well together, enjoys each other’s company, and can openly share thoughts and concerns for one another. Watching our office grow, both in size and workload, helps you realize the bright future you can have here.”

The Borton-Lawson Mechanical Designer’s initial responsibilities were markup work and corrections, but his role quickly evolved in to creating smaller 3D models, which were parts of larger projects. In just over a year at Borton-Lawson, Paul’s role and responsibilities have now expanded to laying out well sites, placing equipment, and routing pipe in the 3D in the models. He is now also working with and coordinating ortho and isometric drawings and helps project managers ensure that deadline requirements are met. Currently, he is laying out job sites for clients in AutoCAD Plant 3D.

Paul said each day brings him a new set a challenges and circumstances. While equipment looks similar on each site, every client has specific requirements and regulations for things such as meter locations and wellhead types, to the way they want pipes routed for trenching purposes.

“It’s a challenge, and it gives my job the type of edge that you always need to think and stay sharp,” he said. “ You have to make sure what you are doing is correct and that the end-result will satisfy the client’s needs and expectations. In our line of work, there is really no margin for error”

Although the work can be challenging, Paul said Borton-Lawson works hard to give its employees the tools and means necessary to better themselves, set them up on their desired career path, and support employees’ as the strive to improve at their job and grow.

“Borton-Lawson takes a great interest in your personal development,” Paul said. “I feel like I have been growing and improving ever since I began here. That is the advantage of working for a smaller firm, where you’re more than a number. At other jobs, I never met the owner and the owner never knew who I was. Here, they know you and genuinely want the best for you.”