Craig Bound – Network Administrator

Craig Bound challenges himself daily to never settle for the status quo. Consistently improving work flow and finding solutions to help streamline business processes are what drives Borton-Lawson’s Network Administrator each day.

“We have a culture in which we are always striving to improve our processes, with the goal of continually increasing efficiencies across the company,” he said. “With our high level of commitment to servicing the client and sophisticated technical applications, there are no shortage of opportunities to learn new applications and improve business process models.”

Craig came to Borton-Lawson as an IT Systems Administrator in 2010. Since then, his role and responsibilities within the IT Department and the company have continued to expand. Currently, he plays an active role in the planning, implementation, and managing of application rollouts.

Borton-Lawson regularly updates its systems and platforms by adopting proven IT technology and applications. The company is transitioning from Windows 2008 server to Windows 2012 R2 server, Exchange 2013, Windows 8.1, and SQL 2012.

“One of the big benefits of working here is that we are a progressive, forward-thinking company in terms of adopting cutting-edge IT technology and applications,” he said. “We are regularly updating our systems in support of the current CADD applications. It’s also very exciting to work with engineers using the latest 3D applications to deliver solid projects to our clients.

Craig’s primary work deals with Windows administration and management tools, as well as open source monitoring and reporting applications. He also recently began a deep dive into Borton-Lawson accounting database, which has allowed him to develop a better understanding of the firm’s business processes and how they integrate with corporate goals.

Borton-Lawson employees take pride in knowing that their work directly impacts the overall success of the firm. Craig said the adaptive “ownership” culture at Borton-Lawson is a differentiator and distinguishes it from other employers.

“Our culture focuses on regular communication across all levels of the company, which allows us to build trust and understanding amongst all employees,” Craig said.” “This level of employee engagement improves morale by letting employees know that the work and services they provide is meaningful and appreciated.”

Borton-Lawson promotes a willingness and commitment to improve its people both at work and within the community. Craig is currently a member of the Borton-Lawson Leadership Development Institute (BLDI), which is a leadership program designed to develop employees for future leadership roles, and advancement opportunities within the company. The one-year program pairs mentors with class participants, and helps drive critical leadership traits to create well-rounded leaders.

“You realize early on here that Borton-Lawson prides itself on being a more mobile, locally owned business,” Craig said. “You’re treated and valued as an individual here, and you are given opportunities to grow and flourish in whatever field you work in. I believe this because I have experienced it.”