Town of Bloomsburg (Columbia County) Flood Risk Management Project Update












Work on the Bloomsburg Flood Risk Management System is well on its way to completion by late summer, aided in part to the favorable springtime weather. Construction on the $25 million flood risk management system has many complexities due to the myriad of utilities, sewers, rights-of-way, and various other constraints both natural and man-made.

While the wall is beginning to take on its final appearance, backfilling with flowable fill and installation of drain pipes to capture any seepage that occurs during a flood event continues to change its’ appearance. The drainage collection pipes will collect any seepage and direct it to inlets and the stormwater pump station to be pumped back to the river. The pipes will be cut to ground level and capped.

The wall was designed to be context sensitive to the adjacent centuries old buildings and the Bloomsburg Fairgrounds. Over 280 steel H-piles extend 23 feet underground to support precast concrete panels span between the piles and are finished with a brick look through stamping the brick look into the concrete before it cures. The bricks are simply painted to mimic the adjacent bricks walls on nearby buildings. Final decorative touches, such as lights, will be set on the top of the wall throughout the next month of April.

Other sections of the system include three pumping stations, mechanically stabilized engineered levees, earth levees, and nine (9) closure structures, including two large swing gates where the system crosses the North Shore Railroad.

The system is scheduled to be operational by the middle of August.

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