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Wilkes-Barre Office Renovation Begins

Borton-Lawson is pleased announce that major renovations to our Wilkes-Barre office began this week. The final product will result in an open workspace equipped with advanced technology that allows for increased collaboration. Our new space will have a high focus on technology and an open layout, which will improve the way we work both internally and with our clients.

When we moved to our current location at 613 Baltimore Drive in 1998, our workspace was setup in a traditional corporate setting with large cubicles, offices around the perimeter, and many walls and dividers throughout. We work and collaborate differently today than we did then. As our industry, working styles, and communication techniques continue to change, we are committed to adapting to best serve our clients and employees.



From an efficient floor plan and ergonomically designed furniture, to brightly lit work spaces and technological connectivity, we’ve focused on ensuring each element in our new office is married perfectly to the next, creating a cohesive and unified space. The space will feature informal and impromptu meeting areas, smaller conferences rooms, and work spaces that promote more collaboration

Check out some of the renderings of our new work stations, conference rooms, and meeting areas.                                                                                              


The renovations will be done in phases in order to not interrupt our daily schedules and commitment to our clients. Four phases of construction are currently scheduled and expected to last between four to six weeks each.

Follow along with us and check back often here on our blog for updates and insights on our progress. We will be posting photos, status updates, and highlighting some of the innovative features of our new workspace.