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Informal Collaboration Spaces

Our Wilkes-Barre office is currently undergoing major renovations to create an open workspace equipped with advanced technology that allows for increased collaboration. Throughout the process, we are highlighting features of our new office, and updating our progress with construction photos and status updates.

Throughout our new workspace will be informal collaboration spaces strategically placed to provide a setting for quick discussions. Our teams will be able to breakout and gather together quickly, away from their workstations.

These spaces will also host stand-up meetings, which are meant for less formal discussions and idea sharing. Stand-up meetings have proved to be valuable methods for gathering together and getting across ideas and suggestions efficiently.

An article from Forbes touts the benefits of stand-up meetings, such as the elimination of distractions and wasting less time throughout the day. Stand-up meetings are not meant to be formal exchanges, but rather another option for collaboration and the quick rundown of tasks or new concepts.

These informal collaboration spaces provide for an improved flow of communication and are a good venue to keep everyone on task and updated on projects, assignments, and new ideas.

Check the renovation’s progress in the photo gallery of Phase I construction.

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