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Smaller Offices Promote Better Communication

As part of our Wilkes-Barre office 3rd floor renovations, offices will be smaller and located towards the core of the building. Glass fronts will allow natural light to flow into these spaces, boosting energy and productivity. Smaller office spaces will allow for increased communication and greater availability for employees, project managers, and leadership to interact.

Our current setup has offices around the edge of the building. This layout can block the natural light from those working in the center of the office.


According to Northwestern University, those who work in an office with more exposure to natural light sleep better at night, partake in more physical activity, and have an overall better quality of life. The renovation will allow for natural light to enter the workspace, energizing employees and maintaining a productive environment.

Aside from this enhanced office layout, new employee work stations will allow multi-disciplined teams to collaborate more effectively by allowing teams to easily transition their desks into a small group meeting space. 

The final product will result in an open workspace equipped with advanced technology that allows for increased collaboration

Take a look at progress of Phase I construction in our photo gallery.