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Smaller Conference Rooms for More Efficient Meeting Venues

Throughout our Wilkes-Barre office renovation, we are highlighting features of our layout, and updating our progress with construction photos and status updates.

With the new furniture and technology features being installed, the space in the first phase of construction is beginning to take on its intended look.



Our new office will feature smaller conference rooms that will promote a more engaging venue for efficient meetings. These smaller spaces are designed to stimulate creativity and enhance productivity. The collaborative layout encourages communication and the exchange of new ideas. The modern furniture brings everyone together over a shared mission.

According to Microsoft, the average professional spends 5.6 hours per week in meetings, so it’s important to us to host efficient meetings that are rewarding while also efficient.

These rooms will also incorporate the latest advances in technology, making the sharing of information effortless. It will be easier than ever to make ideas visible. These spaces are beneficial to planning and brainstorming and help create a productive environment.

Check out the full photo gallery of the renovation’s progress.

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