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Celebrate Earth Day Today and Everyday

Earth Day is an opportunity for awareness and education of the challenges facing our environment and natural resources today. Earth Day is a movement to work towards sustainable solutions to have a positive long-term impact to our natural surroundings.

Since day one, Borton-Lawson has been committed to providing a sustainable infrastructure with a focus on environmental stewardship. One of the hallmarks of our operation is incorporating green design and energy efficient methods into our work. Several of our projects have achieved LEED Certification for providing innovative solutions for green design and energy efficiency. Borton-Lawson is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council to support the expansion of a sustainable infrastructure throughout the country.

Our Environmental Group has a hands-on role in managing the progress of projects and ensuring all requirements and regulations are met. They understand the need to protect, conserve, and enhance our natural resources and much of their work involves assessing habitat and wildlife presence, land-use planning, and impact studies.

This celebration of Earth Day is an opportunity to shed light on the work that is being done to support environmental causes throughout the world. We encourage you to recycle when possible, reduce unnecessary consumption of electricity, energy, and water, and work to conserve the natural resources we enjoy so much.