BLDI Class Visits Pennsylvania State Capitol

The Borton-Lawson Leadership Development Institute (BLDI) class visited the Pennsylvania State Capitol this week.

Our BLDI group met with Sen. Lisa Baker, Sen. John Blake and Sen. John Yudichak on the floor, toured the Treasury and Capitol buildings, and watched Senate and House sessions. They also had lunch with Rep. Toohil, Rep. Mike Carroll, and Sen. Baker.

The 2015-2016 BLDI class includes Aaron Sisler, Brian Derenick, Charles Battle, Geoffrey Gribble, George Mehallo, Jess Kronenwetter, Maryann Cooney, Samantha Albert, Stephen Boone.

Back Row L to R: Charles Battle, Brian Derenick, Stephen Boone, Christopher Borton, Jess Kronenwetter and Aaron Sisler. Front Row L to R: Sen. John Blake, Geoffrey Gribble, Samantha Albert, Doreen Rushton, Maryann Cooney, George Mehallo, Sen. Lisa Baker and Sen. John Yudichak