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Project Update: King’s College Science Center

Borton-Lawson was contracted by King’s college to renovate their science building. The process involved reclaiming vacated Physician’s Assistant training spaces in the building and repurposing these spaces for new biology labs and class rooms.

In order to provide better physical adjacencies between the different science disciplines, several labs and classrooms were relocated to different areas of the building. The planning for this transition allowed the vacated spaces to be completed first.

Once occupied, some additional spaces were vacated allowing the building to have new and float spaces during the phased construction periods, minimizing disruption to classes while construction was ongoing.



One of the major challenges that was encountered was the routing of new exhaust required for the new labs constructed on the second floor of a four story building, when the building was designed with the lab spaces on the upper floors. The duct chases were near capacity, and creative measures were employed to allow for both exhaust duct as well as additional required fresh air intake duct access.

When all was completed, not only did the science department benefit, but so did the drama department. Some unused spaces were reclaimed near the theater area and renovated to create additional support space for the drama department.