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Buildings Team Attends Healthcare Facility Conferences

The Borton-Lawson Buildings team has been busy throughout the past week attending two healthcare facility conferences. Our team was in Harrisburg for the Pennsylvania Society for Healthcare Facility Engineering (PSHFE) Fall Conference and in Northeast Philadelphia at the Healthcare Facility Managers Association of Delaware Valley (HFMADV) Fall Conference & Technical Exhibition.


Learn more how our healthcare facility solutions can help ensure your buildings operate efficiently and safely.

Commissioning Solutions

Commissioning is a systematic quality assurance process to verify that building systems are fully operational and perform interactively according to the design intent and owners requirements.

ASHRAE Guideline 0, The Commissioning Process, defines commissioning as “a quality-oriented process for achieving, verifying, and documenting that the performance of facilities, systems and assemblies meets defined objectives and criteria”.

The Borton-Lawson Team
Our team brings to the table the insight and understanding of a full staff of actively-practicing professional engineers, TAB technicians and the wealth of experience gained in the successful completion of hundreds of balancing and commissioning assignments.

Arc Flash Risk Mitigation Solutions

An arc flash is a rapid, unexpected, explosive discharge of electrical energy typically resulting from a short-circuit. It can produce temperatures near 35,000 F, high pressure or blast injuries, eye injuries from UV light, severe heat burns from molten metal or eardrum rupture from sound pressure.

The massive energy released continues blasting expanding molten metal and plasma outward with tremendous force called an arc blast until the arc is extinguished. Severe damage is also caused from intense radiant heat and light energy from the far infrared to the ultraviolet that are produced by the arc. Nearby surfaces and objects, including people, absorb this energy and are instantly heated to vaporizing temperatures.

Proactive Solutions
Borton-Lawson’s team proactively addresses issues by reviewing systems and code requirements. Our electrical engineers focus on power system modeling and analysis. An Arc Flash Study will not impact facility safety or interrupt power to your operation or process and our proven methodology for analyzing electrical service distribution can easily be added to your operations protocols.