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Think About Energy Briefing

Borton-Lawson joined Cabot Oil & Gas, UGI Energy Services and Pennsylvania Lt. Governor Mike Stack earlier this week for the Think About Energy Briefing held at Lehigh Career & Technical Institute.

The event featured three panel discussions: “Pennsylvania’s Energy Revolution,” “Fueling the Region,” and “Natural Gas: Working for Businesses and Families.” Borton-Lawson’s Scott Bush was part of the “Natural Gas: Working for Businesses and Families” panel along with David Morsberger (McClure Company) and David Taylor (PA Manufactures Association).

The day’s discussions featured around a number of key topics that included:

  • Natural gas production
  • Natural gas supply and pricing forecasts
  • Transmission and local pipeline build-out
  • Combined heat and power (CHP)
  • Liquefied and compressed natural gas
  • The 20-year, $84.5 million plan to design, build, operate and maintain 29 compressed natural gas fueling stations located at transit facilities around Pennsylvania over the next five years.
  • Pennsylvania’s new $24 million Pipeline Investment Program (PIPE)
  • The role of natural gas in electric generation

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