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Pennsylvania DEP Flood Protection Workshop Presentation

Borton-Lawson’s Water/Wastewater Manager Samantha Albert joined Sayre Borough Manager David Jarrett to present at the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection’s Flood Protection Conference and Workshop.

The presentation focused on the recently-built Oliver Lane Stormwater Pump Station. Borton-Lawson was responsible for the design, bidding and construction administration services of the project.



The September 2011 flood damaged the station’s pumps, generator, generator pad, electrical equipment and HVAC system. As part of the project, those elements were removed.

Three new pumps were installed two feet above the levee and the existing pump station was modified to accommodate the elevated pumps. A new 100 KW emergency generator, automatic transfer switch and electrical, control and HVAC systems were also installed.

All work on the pump station was financed through a grant the borough received from the Pennsylvania Commonwealth Financing Authority.