Borton-Lawson CEO and Founder Christopher L. Borton To Retire in 2018

Borton-Lawson’s Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Christopher L. Borton, has announced his intent to retire from his role effective July 2018. Mr. Borton made the announcement at a company-wide meeting today.

Mr. Borton established Borton Engineering Associates, Inc. in 1988 to provide general civil engineering services in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. Shortly after, he was joined by Thomas Lawson, PE to expand the service offerings and in 1992 the firm became Borton-Lawson.

Under Mr. Borton’s leadership, Borton-Lawson has grown into a nationally recognized engineering/architecture firm.

“From day one I had a vision of leveraging technology to create a firm that was both successful and sustainable,” Mr. Borton said. “Today I am pleased to know we have built an organization which has achieved my original vision. I look forward to watching our company continue to flourish by allowing the next generation of leaders to create their own vision and course.”

Borton-Lawson’s Board of Directors has announced that Frank Joanlanne, the current President of Borton-Lawson and Precise Visual Technologies, will also assume Mr. Borton’s role as CEO of both sister companies.

“Frank is a strong leader who has a clear vision for Borton-Lawson’s future growth and success,” Mr. Borton said. “His diverse leadership experience has proven to be a healthy complement to our team, and will allow Borton-Lawson to ascend to new levels of client service.”

Mr. Joanlanne joined the Borton-Lawson Board of Directors in 2009 and assumed the role of President in 2012. With a management style built on team building and collaboration, and a focus on developing strong cultures, his leadership capabilities continue to be essential in assisting Borton-Lawson to achieve its tactical and strategic objectives.

“It has been an honor and a privilege to work alongside Chris Borton for many years now,” Mr. Joanlanne said. “His unshakeable commitment to his values, employees, local communities, and the industries we serve has created a robust foundation on which we continue to build upon. We will continually look for new ways to bring exceptional value to our clients, while keeping true to the values on which Chris founded and built Borton-Lawson.”

Throughout the next 14 months, Mr. Borton and Mr. Joanlanne will meet with employees, clients and partners to ensure a seamless transition.

“The Board is pleased to have Frank succeed Chris to lead Borton-Lawson into the future, and we look forward to working with Chris through this transition over the next year,” Chairman of the Borton-Lawson Board of Directors Patrick Endler, AIA stated. “We are also very pleased that he has accepted the Board’s invitation to serve in an executive advisory capacity until December 2020 following his retirement.”

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