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PSPE Keystone Northeast Chapter Officers

Borton-Lawson continues to actively support the Keystone Northeast Chapter of the Pennsylvania Society of Professional Engineers (PSPE) by coordinating events with local professionals and students, attending workshops, and volunteering for Chapter officer positions.

Four Borton-Lawson employees were recently elected, re-elected, or assumed roles on the Chapter’s Board. Congratulations to Brian Mattern, Mary K. Hudson, Brian Palmiter and Christopher Hetro on your appointments!

Brian Mattern, EIT – Elected Chapter Director


Mary K. Hudson, PE – Re-elected Chapter Director


Brian Palmiter, EIT – Re-elected Secretary


Christopher Hetro, PE – Assumed Role as 2nd Immediate Past President

PSPE is devoted to promoting and defending the interests of Pennsylvania’s licensed Engineers. Anyone who is interested in becoming involved with the local Chapter, may contact Brian Palmiter (bpalmiter AT