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State Route 4018 in PennDOT District 5-0

Construction was recently completed for the replacement of two existing stone masonry arch bridges located on State Route 4018 in Washington Township, Lehigh County, PA.

The bridges carry State Route 4018 over Trout Creek as well as over Tributary to Trout Creek and were built in 1881. The deterioration of these historical structures resulted in a functionally obsolete and structural deficient rating, prompting District 5-0 to improve conditions for the safety of their drivers. While the original intent was to rehabilitate the arch bridges, due to the costs of widening the existing bridges and the effect it would have on their historical status, a complete replacement was deemed the most economical and logical solution.



Borton-Lawson was commissioned by PennDOT District 5-0 to develop a solution to provide safer driving conditions and improve traffic flow. Our team began by launching engineering and environmental investigations alongside the Department’s archeological investigation to ensure there would be minimal impact on the surrounding wetlands and no impact to threatened and endangered species. Borton-Lawson then developed an innovative plan to replace the two bridges with wider precast concrete arches, which are known for their strength, low risk of icing, the least maintenance required, and improving traffic flow.

The project was completed and opened to the public this month.