WB Area School District’s STEM Visit

Borton-Lawson was pleased to welcome the Wilkes-Barre Area School District’s STEM students on Halloween day for a visit at our Wilkes-Barre office.

This event gave us an opportunity to show the students the different areas within engineering as well as showcase how Borton-Lawson has been able to incorporate technology to meet our client’s evolving needs.  The visit consisted of an immersive virtual experience, where students donned virtual reality gear to navigate areas that were created using our 3D laser scanning equipment.   In addition, several key employees gave a presentation discussing what they do and how cool engineering can be.  This also gave them the chance to field any questions the students had and show them some of the local projects they may be familiar with.  The visit concluded with a tour around the office and lots of Halloween candy.

The STEM program exists to equip our youth with the knowledge and skills to continue to grow America’s success as a global leader in science, engineering, and innovation.  In an effort to educate and inspire the next generation, Borton-Lawson will continue to actively support initiatives and programs such as STEM to better our future.