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Don’t Let Winter Affect Your Project’s Timeline

Winter weather can often times complicate the permitting schedule and push back a project’s timeline. Field work and permitting should be an ancillary part of your projects, rather than an obstacle to completing the work.

Here are some tips to get your projects moving ahead of winter weather.

  1. You don’t have to authorize the entire project. Avoid delays while limiting expenses by issuing a separate work order limited to strictly environmental field work ahead of winter.
  2. Projects have to move…Have a plan. Proceed outside the growing season by scheduling field days before the snow flies, or during warm-ups when it melts. You will need to build in additional time for historical imagery review, and soil analysis due to the lack of vegetation. Also include budget for verification of boundaries in the spring.
  3. Communication with all reviewing agencies. Understanding the goal and expectations on both sides will help move projects forward.

Borton-Lawson’s team of environmental scientists can you help get ahead of these restrictions without forcing projects forward prematurely.