2018 Employee Promotions

Borton-Lawson is pleased to congratulate a number of employees for their continued professional growth and commitment to the firm. The employees listed below were recently promoted in recognition of their superior performance in their roles and responsibilities.


Matthew Archey, PE, LEED AP BD+C

Senior Mechanical Engineer

Through his thorough approach to Project Management, Matt has demonstrated an ability to build a high level of confidence both internally and with our clients. Matt has accepted multiple challenging roles over the past few years, taking on substantial projects with complex scopes. He has handled himself well and helped to create a successful outcome each time. Matt also participates on three committees: Collaborative Technology Management Group, High Performance Culture, and Strategic Planning.


Matthew Norge, PE

Senior Mechanical Engineer

Matt leads the growing O&G team in the PBO. He has great Project Management skills and dedicates himself to client satisfaction. Matt is passionate about the professional development of himself and his growing staff. He participates on two committees the High Performance Culture and Safety.


Matthew Gunther

Water/Wastewater Designer

Matt consistently shows interest in gaining more knowledge in his profession as a consulting engineer, as well in the technical field of water and wastewater engineering. This past year he has successfully worked on and supported W/WW related design on projects across the company within Industrial, Highway, LP&D and Energy Services service centers. He is open to new assignments and committed to continuous learning.


Jonathan Chesnick

Survey Crew Chief

Jon is a consistent high performer. He is respected by all his coworkers and looked up to as a leader among them. He regularly completes both difficult and new tasks on time and under budget. He is committed to client satisfaction, has a proven track record of delivering for our clients and can consistently be relied upon to travel when asked.


Jason Tai, PE

Project Professional

Jason demonstrated leadership in technology and accomplished multiple aggressive deadlines throughout the year. Jason has taken on the design phase of projects and is mentoring new staff. Jason is highly adaptive, very patient and accommodating with his peers and the project managers he works with regarding schedules and changes.


Stephen Nealon

Survey Crew Chief

Steve’s responsibilities have grown with his evolving role in PVT. He interacts with clients presenting the scanning process and he has learned the proposal and scope of work processes.


Thomas Holden, EIT

Senior Staff Professional

Tom is a critical member of the Energy team supporting a large workload throughout the year. He has taken on the design phase of projects and consistently provides quality deliverables while mentoring new staff.