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JD Eckman and Borton-Lawson Work Together on PTC Project

Congratulations to JD Eckman, who was recently contracted by the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission to replace the superstructure of the bridge carrying I-476 over SR 0309 in South Whitehall Township, Lehigh County. Borton-Lawson has been retained by JD Eckman to complete the bridge design as part of this partial Design-Build project.

The bridge superstructure will be replaced using a proven engineering technique called Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC).  ABC employs groundbreaking planning, design and construction methods and materials in a safe, cost-effective way to reduce the time it takes compared to traditional bridge-replacement techniques. It has been shown to improve work-zone safety for construction workers and the traveling public as well as project delivery time for transportation agencies and bridge builders.

Traditional bridge-replacement techniques typically involve multiple overnight Turnpike closures, single-lane patterns, narrow lanes constricted with concrete barrier and other restrictions over one or two construction seasons. By utilizing ABC, impacts on this project will occur over a single long weekend instead of 9 to 18 months of intermittent impacts. On a weekend yet to be determined in 2019, a 55-hour closure (beginning at 9 p.m. on a Friday through 4 a.m. the following Monday) of the Northeastern Extension (I-476) between the Lehigh Valley Exit (#56) and the Mahoning Valley Exit (#74) will be implemented to complete the superstructure replacement.