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Volunteering at MATHCOUNTS

As part of the Pennsylvania Society of Professional Engineers (PSPE) Keystone Northeast Chapter, our very own Tom Holden, EIT, Brian Mattern, EIT, Brian Palmiter, EIT, and Mike Rossmell volunteered to help run the regional MATHCOUNTS competition held at Wyoming Valley West Middle School last Saturday.  They spent their time moderating, proctoring, and grading the multiple rounds of tests the students engaged in.

MATHCOUNTS is a nationwide non-profit organization that encourages middle school students to overcome their fear or disdain of math.  Often labeled as a difficult or boring class, mathematics has become one of the unpopular subjects in school.  In order to dispel this stigma, MATHCOUNTS holds programs and competitions to improve attitudes about math and problem solving by building confidence and encouraging them to love it.

Borton-Lawson is proud to have such community and education driven individuals within our family.  A big thank you to Tom, Brian, Brian, and Mike for their dedication to our future leaders!