Superload Analysis in PennDOT District 11-0

Coordinating with Edwards Moving and Rigging and PennDOT, Borton-Lawson recently completed superload analysis for the move of two structures in Western Pennsylvania. The transportation route took the structures from New Castle, PA to West Middlesex, PA, on S.R. 224 and S.R. 551.

S.R. 224 runs over I-376 with a four span steel I-girder bridge in overall fair condition. Considering the heavy load and STLRFD analysis, the fifteen axle line PST utilized a crabbing technique across the structure at a 30 degree angle and positioned itself no closer than five feet from the face of barrier, which helped distribute the load.

S.R. 551 runs over Deer Creek and consists of a single span prestressed concrete spread box beam bridge in overall good condition. After completing PSLRFD analysis, the fifteen axle line PST utilized dollies to move the superload across the structure to help distribute the load.

PennDOT approved Borton-Lawson’s analysis in just 34 days, which helped make these moves possible in PennDOT’s District 11-0.