Borton-Lawson Employees Test ARC PlanWell SmartScreen

Borton-Lawson prides itself on being a technological leader within the engineering/architecture industry. As part of this on-going commitment, our employees recently participated in a demonstration of the ARC PlanWell SmartScreen.

This 65” high-quality, high-impact flat-panel display can turn meetings into productive collaborations. PlanWell SmartScreens are more powerful than most other interactive whiteboards because they have their own on-board integrated computer preloaded with the Microsoft Office Suite. This enables the sharing of plans, files, and other presentation content — quickly, easily, and effectively—in a highly visual, interactive way.

The board can be used with Skype and GoToMeeting and is conducive to collaboration, whether you are remote or on-site. Compatible with diverse software, the SmartScreen can be used to display and annotate BIM 3D models, estimating software and hyperlinked drawings sets.

This technology can add another level of depth and collaboration to a project. To learn more, please check it out on this short video.