Central Utility Plant Project

International Pharmaceutical Company

Borton-Lawson provided full survey and site design, as well as architectural and structural design for a new underground central utility tunnel and central utility plant to service an existing pharmaceutical campus. Borton-Lawson was teamed with HT Lyons, Inc on this fast track design build project.

Challenges V. Solutions

Challenge Construction of the tunnel through the center of campus needed to be completed while not impacting the facility’s production. Existing utility documentation was not available and the new tunnel dissected a critical operational portion of the campus. Utility outages were not permitted during construction due to production demands at the campus.

SolutionCompleted necessary as-built surveying of existing facilities, and provided all designs for the relocation of necessary utilities and stormwater systems, while expediting permit approvals to meet the required schedule. Worked closely with the Contractor to address any construction coordination or modification issues on a daily basis.