I-81 Leitersburg Road Bridges

Franklin County, PA

Two bridge superstructures were replaced over Leitersburg Road. Utilizing A+Bx bidding, the project was completed in just 48 days.

Challenges V. Solutions

Challenge Refined design to ensure all precast elements fit in the field.

Solution Coordination between the contractor (Cottle’s), designer (Borton-Lawson) and fabricators (Shane Felter Industries, LB Foster and DS Brown) was essential for this ABC/design-build project.

Challenge Required construction precision and quality of the Prefabricated Bridge Elements and Systems (PBES) necessary for this project to be successful

Solution Cottle’s made a key decision to create their own off-site pre-casting plant as the best way to achieve the required construction tolerances and minimize cracking potential.

Challenge Concrete mix designs/cure times to achieve strength.

Solution Lab tests indicated only 24 hours were necessary to achieve the design strength, which was paramount in achieving the project timeline milestones.

Challenge High volume of daily traffic with 2 lanes of traffic in each direction must be maintained.

Solution Crossovers were utilized to complete the project in 4 main construction stages, while still maintaining 2 lanes of traffic in each direction. ABC techniques and A+Bx bidding were utilized to reduce the overall project duration and complete the bridge construction in less than 48 days.