Lehigh River and Pohopoco Creek Bridges

Carbon County, PA

Borton-Lawson provided an alternate design for the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission of the two sets of dual structures utilizing pre-stressed concrete beams in place of curved steel girders. The alternate design saved approximately $7 million dollars in construction costs at the time of bid.

Challenges V. Solutions

Challenge Project schedule.

Solution With strict focus on constructability, code compliance and efficiency of schedule, this work was successfully completed in eight months.

Challenge Specific environmental permitting amendments were necessary because of the historic nature of the Lehigh Canal.

Solution Worked with the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and U.S. Coast Guard to ensure proper and timely permitting occurred.

Challenge The alternate design required new pier locations on all structures.

Solution Negotiated property sales with individual landowners pre-bid and partnered with Arrow Land Solutions to finalize ROW clearance during final design.

Challenge The extremely steep slopes presented a significant challenge regarding access to the ROW for the Pohopoco Creek Bridge construction.

Solution Coordination between property owners and Walsh Construction allowed for proper access to the site.

Challenge Core Boring/Geotechnical Program.

Solution Over 40 additional borings were required to support the bridge design in accordance with Borton-Lawson’s alternate plan. The work was done quickly and within the time constraints allotted.