State Route 322 over Brandywine Creek

Borton-Lawson provided an alternate design for a replacement bridge, originally built in 1929, which, at the time of construction, incorporated the longest pre-stressed concrete beams fabricated and erected in Pennsylvania. The $4.7 million bridge has 12 foot wide travel lanes, a new eight foot wide shoulder, and an eight foot wide sidewalk, which will serve as a bicycle lane for Pennsylvania’s Bike Route L. The sidewalk will also carry a county pedestrian trail, and allow foot traffic to safely cross over the waterway.

Challenges V. Solutions

Challenge Adhere to original construction schedule.

Solution Borton-Lawson provided design in an expedited time frame that met PennDOT’s original construction schedule. Immediately after notification that JD Eckman was the low bidder, Borton-Lawson worked diligently to complete the preliminary design submission. Final design calculation, details, and drawings were prepared and submitted to PennDOT the same day Eckman received Notice to Proceed and the drawings were approved for construction less than 1 month later.

Challenge Close coordination with the beam fabricator to ensure beam production feasibility, schedule and delivery route.

Solution Since the prestressed concrete beams were over 169’ in length, close coordination with the beam fabricator was necessary during the preparation of the alternate design. Borton-Lawson worked with Northeast Prestressed Products (NPP) to ensure the beams could be fabricated and lifted from the beds in their facility, fabricated and delivered to the site within the parameters of the original construction schedule set forth by PennDOT, and also that a superload beam of this size could be delivered to the site.