State Route 6, Section 673

Honesdale, PA

Borton-Lawson teamed with Leeward Construction on this design-build project in PennDOT District 4-0 that included two bridges over the Lackawaxen River, roadway design, traffic signals, traffic control (including temporary signals at three intersections), bridge lighting, erosion and sediment control plans, signing and pavement marking plans and development of a landscaping plan for a park in the Historic District of Honesdale.

Challenges V. Solutions

Challenge Alleviate traffic congestion within the Borough of Honesdale.

Solution Borton-Lawson’s design converted parallel streets with two-directional traffic into two separate one-way, two-lane facilities.

Challenge Construction schedule.

Solution Scheduling of design submittals/approvals around Leeward’s construction schedule was of the upmost importance to ensure successful project completion. At times it was necessary to obtain partial approvals of certain aspects of the design to keep Leeward moving forward. Frequent design and coordination meetings between Borton-Lawson and Leeward were held to ensure the most practical designs were presented to PennDOT and the Borough of Honesdale to avoid any delays in the acceptance of the submittals.