Cocoa Processing Plant

A major cocoa processor needed to retro-fit equipment into a new location on a tight schedule.

Borton-Lawson was retained to provide multidiscipline engineering and design support to pull together all the new and refurbished process equipment.

Challenges V. Solutions

Challenge: The Owner’s project economics depended on the re-use of a substantial amount of process equipment from another facility. There were no existing drawings for most of it.

Solution: The Borton-Lawson team inventoried and measured all the existing equipment, then developed the Process Flow Diagrams and Process & Instrumentation Diagrams to implement the new process. Our structural, mechanical, electrical and instrumentation engineers worked closely with numerous OEMs to put together the process to the Owner’s specifications. We addressed many building code, process flow and utility issues in a team environment.

The project was constructed and started up on time and within budget.