Industrial Wastewater Pre-Treatment Facility

For a large metal products manufacturer, Borton-Lawson designed a fully automated wastewater pre-treatment process that removes the trace amount of metal present in the waste stream and thus makes it safe for discharge to the public sewer.

Challenges V. Solutions

Challenge Change out all wastewater equipment within the limited space of the treatment plant without any interruptions to production.

Solution Borton-Lawson was able to consolidate the process and repurpose some of the existing vessels to create space for new equipment. A four-phased approach was used to remove and replace equipment while providing temporary pumps and piping to keep production up and running.

Challenge Design a fully automated treatment plant and integrate the implementation through four-phased construction.

Solution To achieve the phasing, Borton-Lawson automation specialists designed a hybrid system integrating new and existing controls to keep the plant in operation.