Campus Facility Inventory Study

Our team is currently completing a facility inventory study for a higher education campus consisting of  1.71 Million Square Feet spread across 62 campus buildings.

Building exteriors were captured utilizing 3D laser scanners for facades and drone for roof areas and other areas not directly visible from ground level.  Photo-based scanning was utilized to capture all interior rooms within each building.  The captured data was then converted to point clouds and inserted into Revit.  Walls, doors, windows, and rooms were modeled utilizing the point cloud as a reference.  The exterior scan data validated the gross square foot value of each building while the photo-based scanning captured the net square foot values.  The photo-based scanning also permitted virtual walkthroughs, 360 degree photos, and asset tagging.

BIM360Docs, an Autodesk website portal for managing 3D models, CAD files, PDF, and other project data, was utilized to organize project information and manage the drawing review process.  All documents, drawings, and 3D models were uploaded to a central account with which the client was given access.  Comments and issues were input into BIM360Docs, assigned, and tracked to ensure project timeline was maintained.

Challenges V. Solutions

ChallengeInventory all existing building space on campus and classify to be in compliance with the Facility Inventory and Classification Manual (FICM) 2006.

SolutionUtilized a combination of 3D laser scanner, photo-based scanning, and drones to capture the existing exterior conditions of each building. Using Autodesk Revit, all buildings were modeled and spaces reported in excel format for the owners use. Spaces were reported by building as well as campus wide.