Lehigh Valley Health Network

Allentown, PA

Borton-Lawson understands the need for awareness and planning on electrical system safety to identify any system deficiencies that may result in life safety hazards or extensive power disruptions in a critical hospital environment.

We provide the Lehigh Valley Health Network:

  • Short-circuit analysis: to identify any life safety hazards caused by existing electrical equipment being inadequately rated to withstand fault currents.
  • Coordination studies: to determine if the extent of power disruptions can be minimized during a fault condition.
  • Arc flash analysis: to provide electrical equipment labels that indicate the arc flash protection boundary per OSHA requirements. These labels also indicate the personal protective equipment requirements for servicing energized electrical equipment.

Challenges V. Solutions

Challenge Hospital environments require constant power without disruption.

Solution Implemented electrical system safety programs, to ensure all equipment can stay online without causing any disruptions in power.

Challenge Electrical risks are present throughout a clinical setting.

SolutionProvided arc flash analysis, which ensured the electrical system was up to date, grounding was present and all breakers were functioning properly.