De-Ethanizer Storage Facility

Borton-Lawson completed this fast track project to install a new 150,000 gallon de-ethanizer storage vessel into an existing process facility in the Marcellus shale play, West Virginia. The existing facility needed to stay in service without interruption throughout the duration of the project. The vessel was delivered to the site and installed per plan, keeping the facility in operation while meeting schedule.

Challenges V. Solutions

ChallengeNo legacy or as-built information was available to design the new tank facility.

SolutionUtilized 3D scanning technology to comprehensively document the existing facility. This allowed our team to develop an accurate model of the immediate project area and identify all constraints associated with installation of the new vessel.

ChallengeDue to the complex nature of the processing facility, there were a number of piping and utility conflicts that needed to be accounted for to ensure the project was completed safely.

SolutionWorked in real time with the Owner’s engineering staff using collaborative technology to review existing conditions, operational constraints, and ensure the proposed design solution kept the facility in operation. This collaborative approach minimized travel, expedited schedule, and allowed for a comprehensive review of project constraints and details. The vessel was successfully installed as planned.