Greenfield Compressor Station

Borton-Lawson completed the turnkey site and facility design of this fast-track greenfield compressor station project, which included nine compressors. Borton-Lawson’s services on these projects include all site design and permitting, mechanical, process, electrical, I&C, and structural design. Services also included construction support and on-going E&S compliance inspections.

Challenges V. Solutions

Challenge Owner was working with different firms on numerous stations resulting in cost and schedule inefficiencies that did not allow for standardized designs needed to expedite the overall program.

Solution Provided turnkey design services from a central location using a standardized skid approach saving both schedule and construction costs. This approach allowed for off-site fabrication and testing, which greatly reduced cold weather construction. Standardized designs are then able to be used as basis for subsequent facilities, reducing construction and operational costs.

Challenge Owner traditionally worked with different engineering firms to complete site, survey, and permitting separately from the facility design portion of their projects, which caused coordination and schedule issues.

Solution Turnkey services included wetland delineation/permitting, highway access permitting, site design documents as well as all facility design, which reduced schedule and construction risks. This project was located on a very constrained site with minimal useable area. This turnkey solution yielded a seamless constructible design, which minimized costs and optimized schedule, due to integration of site and facility engineering teams in a central location.