Natural Gas Utility Extension

Borton-Lawson completed all survey, wetlands delineation, environmental permitting, highway occupancy permit design, and design of this three mile natural gas line extension required to service a prison facility. Borton-Lawson was instrumental in coordinating efforts with local regulatory agencies to take advantage of concurrent construction associated with a highway improvement project along the route, to expedite permitting, but also to optimize mutually beneficial excavation and restoration for both projects.

Challenges V. Solutions

Challenge Highway widening project was well under construction and scheduled for restoration prior to gas line being installed, causing the need for duplicate excavations and associate restoration.

Solution Borton-Lawson identified savings associated with coordinating the projects, and was able to facilitate a mutually agreeable solution between the owner, PennDOT, and PADEP to expedite permitting and minimize earth disturbance and avoid duplicate restoration costs.

Challenge The agreement between the utility and the prison required that gas service be installed prior to the next winter heating season.

Solution Provided fast track turnkey survey/permitting/design services needed to expedite the design, permitting, and construction of the project to ensure service was in place prior to the winter heating season. This allowed the utility company to meet their schedule requirement and the prison to save substantial operational costs associated with winter heating.