Well Pad Design Program

Borton-Lawson assisted the owner in developing a standardized approach to well pad design in Marcellus North. Our facilities team worked with the Owner to develop standardized 3D facility designs including mechanical, structural, electrical and I&C systems. Borton Lawson’s civil/site/permitting expertise regarding well pad designs further provided the Owner with comprehensive site planning solution

This standardized approach is utilized on every well pad, thus reducing schedule and construction costs.

Challenges V. Solutions

Challenge Owner was having difficulty maintaining overall project schedules and quality, controlling construction costs, and implementing standardized design and construction techniques due to production schedule demands.

Challenge Previous projects experienced inefficiencies dealing with multiple contractors and the need to field fit piping and equipment. Finished sites were not uniform, which caused additional construction and operational effort.

SolutionWorked with Owner to develop standardized design approach utilizing 3D modeling technology. Standardized 3D approach allowed comprehensive designs to be completed on a fast track basis, well in advance of the Owner’s frac schedule. This systematic approach allowed for competitive bidding, prefabrication and testing of piping, standardized construction practices, and enhanced quality control, all of which contributed to a significant reduction in overall costs.