South Valley Parkway, State Route 3046

Luzerne County, PA

Borton-Lawson performed the preliminary engineering and final design of three miles of new roadway, which included six roundabouts to connect Luzerne County Community College and the South Valley area (City of Nanticoke) with State Route 29, a limited access four-lane highway.

Challenges V. Solutions

Challenge Conduct public outreach to hold five public meetings as well as five Public Advisory Committee meetings to solicit feedback from the community within the project area in an effort to arrive at a consensus on a preferred alternative.

Solution Systematically coordinated with PennDOT District 4-0 and various stakeholders to simplify the process in identifying a preferred alternative by breaking the project into meaningful and manageable pieces for selection.

ChallengeDevelop overall design of six roundabouts and obtain approval from applicable agencies for first roundabout corridor in the state.

SolutionWorked carefully with District 4-0, Central Office, and the design team arriving at an acceptable solution on this newer PennDOT initiative aligning features of the roundabouts to other critical aspects on the project.

ChallengeObtain approval on 36 independent submissions with varying degrees inside the allotted design schedule in final design.

SolutionMethodically organized submission schedule and worked with PennDOT, agencies, and design team, obtaining all approvals prior to start date.