SR 2023 / 3rd Street Stone Arch Culverts

Northampton County, PA

Borton-Lawson Engineering was the prime design consultant for the rehabilitation of the stone arch culverts over Bushkill Creek in the City of Easton, completing both Preliminary Engineering and Final Design. Originally constructed in 1894, the structure is comprised of a 3-span stone masonry arch (2 main span, one overflow span) approximately 85ft in length along the barrel.

Challenges V. Solutions

Challenge Remove Structural Deficient rating while preserving the structure’s architectural significance and rich history.

Solution Utilizing 3-D scanning technology, Borton-Lawson was able to fabricate precise models of all dimensions of the existing structure to create tightly fitted steel arch liners, improving the structural capacity of the stone arches. In addition, weepholes were added for drainage, stone spandrel walls were repointed, and the brick parapet was repaired.

Challenge Structures are located within Easton’s urban area.

Solution To minimalize impact to the surrounding buildings and community, built foundations adjacent to the arches to limit access and worked around the timber cribbing foundation of the pier. This ensured minimal reduction in waterway opening and not cause a significant raise in water elevation.