State 0555 Bridge over Trout Run

Elk County, PA

Borton-Lawson was the prime consultant on this design-build contract and responsible for the Preliminary Engineering, Final Design, and all construction consultation services. The purpose of this project was to remove the Structurally Deficient rating while minimizing impact to the local residents and the hundreds of thousands of tourists that visit the area for Elk Viewing and other attractions. The construction of the two projects began in Spring 2015 and was completed in September 2015.

Challenges V. Solutions

ChallengeRemoving Structurally Deficient rating.

SolutionBorton-Lawson replaced the single span thru-girder bridge with a single span composite P/S concrete PA bulb-tee beam bridge with integral abutments (110’ span). Architectural surface treatment was also included on the bridge barrier to help the project meld into its surroundings.

ChallengeProject schedule and traffic volume due to Elk Expo and Elk Viewing season.

SolutionConstruction was scheduled in three stages to ensure the bridge was open to two way traffic the week prior to the expo and elk viewing season. A temporary road and bridge were constructed for use during the work and once completed, traffic was shifted smoothly to the finished, unrestricted two-way traffic two days before the events .