Plant Exhaust Emissions Abatement

Challenge To meet schedule requirements, bid documents had to be issued for foundation work prior to equipment vendors providing final loads.

Solution Foundations were based on estimated loading for bidding. Design was finalized after equipment loads were provided and transmitted to the foundation contractor for construction. Document change control was a critical part of the projects success.

Challenge Managing a program of emissions abatement projects for multiple plants across the company.

Solution We utilized our multi-discipline team to perform the bulk of the engineering work but we also relied on strategic partners and local subconsultants where necessary to control travel costs and provide on-call services. This resulted in a cost effective solution, keeping the same core design team in place for all the locations.

A manufacturer in the minerals industry entered into a consent decree with the United States Environmental Protection Agency to reduce exhaust emissions for multiple plants across the country. Borton-Lawson provided engineering design and permitting services to prepare the sites for the abatement equipment and interface with the plant. These services included grading and drainage, utility infrastructure, foundations, secondary containment, compressed air systems, normal and backup power with emergency generators, and utility bridges.