Infrastructure Improvement Program

Whether we are obtaining National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES), Joint Permits, Nationwide, or General Permits for a transmission rebuild, or a small site E&S Plan for an underground line installation, BL has been serving our Client’s needs throughout every stage of the project life cycle. Below are some of the tasks BL has performed on various projects.

  • Survey
    • Property boundary survey and base mapping
    • Topographic survey
    • Existing structure scanning/locations
    • Construction stake-out
    • As-built documentation
  • Environmental
    • Desktop reviews for environmentally sensitive areas
    • Field screenings and delineations
    • Environmental inventory and analysis
    • Permit Acquisition
  • Civil
    • Desktop reviews for roadway permitting and civil
    • Assist with preliminary site access and workspace feasibility
    • Documentation of existing site conditions utilizing 360 video technology
    • Support with permit acquisition

Challenges V. Solutions

Challenge Our client has a five-year infrastructure improvement program which involves various system upgrades to their equipment to improve overall reliability of their network.

Solution Borton-Lawson (BL) has been able to handle the complexity of this multi-faceted investment initiative by developing dedicated teams across multiple internal disciplines, including survey, environmental and civil. These dedicated teams were able to provide economies of scale as well as continuous process improvement with specific focus on efficiency, constructability and schedule.