Wyoming Valley Sanitary Authority MS4 Services

Borton-Lawson was selected in 2018 as the Program Manager for WVSA’s newly implemented MS4 stormwater initiative. Borton-Lawson has been tasked with prioritizing regional stormwater improvement projects and coordinating the efforts of locally based MS4 consultants with design and construction of these regional projects. As the local lead consultant, Borton-Lawson is responsible for preparing a 5-year capital projects plan, assisting WVSA with development of scope for the proposed projects, providing recommendations on MS4 consultants, review of proposed infrastructure upgrade designs, and providing construction services for these projects.  As part of this work, Borton-Lawson will also assist WVSA in their stakeholder outreach meetings.

Project: Wyoming Valley Sanitary Authority – MS4 Services
Location: Wyoming Valley, Luzerne County, PA
Owner/ Client: Wyoming Valley Sanitary Authority

Project Status: On going

Challenges V. Solutions

Challenge The WVSA Regional Stormwater Management Program, established to assist 32 municipalities in the Wyoming Valley to meet their state mandated obligations under the Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) program, is a comprehensive initiative developed by WVSA to address regional stormwater issues, such as reductions in stormwater runoff rate and volume and improvements to water quality, through both the implementation of non-structural techniques and construction of local and regional Best Management Practices (BMPs), compliance with state/federal regulatory permit requirements, and overall management of the regional stormwater systems. To approach such a large regional effort with wide spanning goals, significant planning and coordination of design professionals with local knowledge and experience is required.

Solution This significant regional effort required not only local knowledge of the problems affecting the municipalities participating in the regional initiative, but also expertise and experience in planning, managing, designing and constructing stormwater projects aimed at reducing sediment and pollutant loads to the local streams and/or Waters of the Commonwealth of PA. Borton-Lawson’s experience in municipal engineering, project management, and planning services, coupled with our municipal and stormwater design and construction experience, provides WVSA with the necessary tools to move their initiative forward.